Our Methods

Real change requires real action.

We believe in the power of doing and have a number of key values that inform our way of working.



Practice makes profit. When our clients put our processes into action they see movement, alignment and real results.



We don’t do something TO you, we do it WITH you. By working together as partners we are able to make the remarkable a reality.



Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of our business. That’s why we will always tell you the truth. It takes courage and sometimes it’s not easy to hear but, in our experience, it is always refreshing and leads to the best outcomes.



It’s no use steering your ship in the right direction if your crew aren’t on board. Ownership and accountability are vital. That’s why we work to create strategies that can be implemented and owned at every level of your organisation.


At Customer Diagnostics we design our solutions according to the needs of our clients. All our face-to-face products and solutions have been adapted to be delivered digitally, using innovative thinking to maintain interest and involvement, and quality of thinking. Our delivery on a virtual platform is both seamless and professional, allowing us to provide the same (or even better) face-to-face solutions, to support our clients and our country.

The Achievement Process

Let’s Get Things Done

Customer Diagnostics is part of an international network of management consultancies known as The Achievement Network. The network aims to enable individuals, teams and companies to Get Things Done. It connects People with a defined Purpose & Process to help accomplish this.

Known as The Achievement Process, this very practical approach is designed to improve performance and help you achieve your goals.

The Achievement Process forms the foundation around which all our services are structured.

We are the sole license holder of the Achievement Process world wide