Who We Are

We are Customer Diagnostics and we work with companies who want to make a difference:

to their business, to their employees and to the world.

If you ask our clients, our employees or anyone who knows us, they’ll all tell you the same thing: Customer Diagnostics really and truly cares about the companies they work with. Helping you achieve your goals and bring about positive change within your business and beyond is the reason we go to work every morning. It is for this reason that we have faced the challenge of doing things differently and are able to help you unlock your strategic goals by delivering all our interventions using virtual platforms.

Founded in 1999 by Alan Kirschner, Customer Diagnostics is a management consultancy that focuses on strategic alignment and facilitation, strategy measurement and implementation and managing/navigating strategic change.

While we see ourselves as process experts and not industry experts (that’s where you come in), we do have in-depth experience and insight into a broad range of local and international industries and organisations This has given us a deep understanding of the challenges companies face on a strategic level.

Our clients range from large, multi-national corporations to small or medium-sized enterprises; many with whom we have formed valuable, long-lasting relationships.